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Tom Ovans / Party Girl  (2007) 


​"..With Ovans’ grizzled voice never sounding better, these 12 new songs (and one, ‘Both Sides Of The Night’, which was written in 1975 whilst he was crashing in the Washington Square Plaza Hotel in Greenwich Village) continue his restless, edgy assault on contemporary American life, telling gritty tales of junkies, losers and hopeless dreamers along the way.."



Album reviews in Mojo****, Q****, Uncut, Word, Rock N Reel****, The Sun, Americana, The Line Of Best Fit, Room13, musicomh, netrhythms, whisperin and hollerin, organ, unpeeled, pennyblackmusic, subba cultcha, folk roundabout, soundfires, is this music, adult contemporary essentials and airplay on Bob Harris BBC Radio. 

A successful campaign that saw Tom return for  support for his 2009 release Get On Board. 


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