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The Blow Monkeys / Devil's Tavern (2008)

"​Long before there were Arctic Monkeys or Gorillaz there were The Blow Monkeys. Purveyors of Simian Soul and Primate Punk, they cut a swathe through mid 80’s popular music...And now for the first time in 18yrs all 4 original members are back together.." 

Album reviews: Mojo, Q, Uncut, Eve, Narc, The Crack, Record Collector, Word, Press association, Western Mail, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, Scotsman, Is This Music, Room13, Teletext, Scot Sun Express, Netrhythms

The GuardianPlaylist mention
Indy on Sunday, gig preview and picture
Tour features in The Latest, Sheffield Star, Brighton Argus
Live reviews in Newcastle Chronicle, Sheffield Star

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